What About Cost?

This Costs Nothing....
Or Does It?
  • 1 missed thin pay zone can cost $millions in lost revenue.
  • 1 missed core point, casing point or TD can cost $hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • 1 improper completion can cost $hundreds of thousands of dollars. 1 poor completion may even damage a reservoir beyond repair.
  • 1 erroneous evaluation from open-hole logs can lead to the attempted completion of a non reservoir zone, costing $hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Price For Accurate Data

  • The cost to rent Sample Pro typically accounts for less than 1/100th of 1% of the total well cost.
  • No rig up or tear out costs. 1 time initial preparation of shaker (mounting plate) coordinated by on site Drilling Supervisor.
  • Sample Pro unit shipped via courier or with Wellsite Geologist. Easily set up and operated by rig crew.

Sample Pro Will Pay For Itself

  • Finding 1 thin zone can add $millions of dollars worth of hydrocarbons.
  • Correlating accurate and representative sample data to open hole logs may help locate bypassed pay in previously drilled wellbores.
  • Accurate and representative sample data can be used for thin section work, assisting in reservoir evaluation and optimization.
  • Accurate and representative sample data assists in proper completion techniques.
  • Accurate and representative sample data helps plan future locations.


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