Benefits to the Geologist

Acurate and Representative Samples
  • The Sample Pro is in constant vibratory motion. Cuttings are thoroughly mixed within the sample tray, resulting in an accurate representation of the entire drilled interval.
  • Adjustable cover plates regulate the amount of drill cuttings being sampled.
  • Protected mesh screen at the base of the sample trays ensures no fines are lost.
  • 2 removable trays ensure that no sample interval is missed.
  • Simple sampling process increases likelihood that sample will be taken on time.

More Time to Interpret Samples

  • Standardized sieve plate and collector tray ensure sample quality is consistent from rig to rig, regardless of the level of experience of the rig hands.
  • Sample is typically cleaner and sieved to the proper size, saving the Geologist time in processing the sample.
  • Less supervision of sample collection frees up the Geologist’s time and reduces potential conflict with rig crew.

Benefits to the Rig Crew

Health and Safety
  • Fast and simple sampling process reduces need to run to shaker due to time constraints. Less risk of slipping and tripping while running to shaker to take a sample.
  • No need to lift a heavy pail of mud and cuttings to process the contents. Reduces the risk of back injury and slipping or tripping while carrying a heavy pail.
  • In invert mud systems, no need for the use of high pressure diesel wash gun. Eliminates exposure to aerosolized diesel fumes.


  • Simplified sampling process saves time. Can focus more attention on daily rig work without sacrificing sample quality.
  • Can collect accurate samples even when no geologist on location.
  • Simplified sampling process will reduce or eliminate conflict with Wellsite Geologist.

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